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Lobster Place at Chelsea Market


This upgrade to the original store was completed to help accommodate more customers visiting the very popular Chelsea Market. Beacon Interiors worked closely with both the general contractor, and the client, to meet the needs of their rigid schedule and working hours. Both were extremely pleased with the project’s completion ahead of schedule and the result of the work.

Joe and the Juice


Another project that Beacon Interiors is extremely proud of. We completed a full outfitting of this store, from interior drywall to painting, installation of all millwork and art displayed.

03 east 28th Street


Beacon Interiors worked with general contractors to complete this beautiful space, as well as additional commercial spaces in the same building. We achieved high finish standards that we are very proud of.

250 west 57th Street


Beacon Interiors worked on numerous floors in this building to achieve more high standard results. Both Beacon and the general contractors were very proud of these office/work space results.

1375 Broadway


Another project Beacon work closely on with the general contractor. Numerous floors in this building were completed with high end results.

Universal Music


Completed under budget and ahead of schedule, Beacon completed this 7, 430 square foot project in 12 weeks. Previously awarded the full floor white box, we then secured the contract to fit out the space for the new floor tenant, Universal Music. Our work ranged from quiet rooms to sound proof phone booths and sound scape ceilings. Beacon is proud of its office management, estimating department, and on-site teams that collaborated so well to complete this project.



VERG, Brooklyn, was a total building renovation completed in 2017. The space was taken from a burned-out shell to this finished product. Just some of Beacon’s work here included the interior framing and ceilings, and the addition of a heavy framed elevator bulk head complete with cement board hardy siding. The projects consisted of x-ray lead-lined rooms to quiet rooms which are utilized for animal boarding.

Current Projects

  • 488 Madison Ave. 18th floor. 10,000 sq ft fit out
  • 485 Lexington Ave 11th floor. 12,000 sq ft. fit out
  • 420 Lexington Ave 20th floor
  • 250 West 57th. 4th and 9th floor.
  • 1359 Broadway. 11th floor
  • 461 5th Ave. 21 st floor.
  • 45 Rockefeller Plaza 21st floor
  • 1270 6th Ave. 4/5/6/17th floors